New imc DSUB-15 Adapter Plug w/ metal housing

After some time of development and requests from our customers, we have upgraded the current plastic adapter plugs to a rugged, more durable and robust metal design. The upgraded metal design will be available for all of our current DSUB adapter plugs with the exception of the ICP and Q2 versions (which will be available in the near future). The new adapter plugs have the same compatibility with our respective hardware and the additional features and improvements are listed below.

The price for the new adapter plugs remains the same as before.

New metal case  ACC/DSUBM-xxx plug

  • Robust metal housing
  • Convenient handling (no soldering required)
  • Extended thumb screws
  • More screw terminals provided (max. 24)
  • Thermo-plugs support:

    • full PT100 4-wire
    • sensor supply access
    • TEDS

The plastic versions will only be available on special request.