The imc DEVICES operating software provides intuitive and secure operations. It is able to directly recognize available hardware and, with only simple configurations, it is quickly ready to handle all of your test and measurement tasks – no complicated programming required.

Manual input or integrated sensor management

Manual input or integrated sensor management
  • Direct assignment of a sensor to a channel
  • Color-coding of the assignment (e.g., green, sensor appropriate for channel)
  • Enormous time savings during measurement configuration

Sensor assignment

Sensorverwaltung mit imc DEVICES
  • Sensor recognition (TEDS)
  • Internal database or optionally by imc SENSORS
  • Manual entry

Field busses

CAN-Bus Assistent in imc DEVICES

Extracting signals, data and status information from field busses

  • Field busses CAN, ARINC, LIN, etc.
  • ECU protocols KW2000, CCP (others implemented on request) 
  • Time-synchronized
  • Import Vector database (DBC)

Display editor

Displayeditor in imc DEVICES

Configurable user interface with display of measured data

Adjustment of measurement amplifiers

Messverstärkerabgleich mit imc DEVICES
  • Measurement amplifier balancing
  • 2-point calibration
  • Characteristic curve correction