Data Display

With just one click, all of measurement data can easily be displayed during the measurement with a PC. The curve window opens automatically scaled and sets the optimal value range. Without influencing the measurement, scaling of the axes and changes to the display formats can easily be made. There are also a wide variety of user-configurable display modes available. Already during the measurement, data can be transferred to imc FAMOS analysis software.

The imc curve window

imc curve window
  • Display styles freely defined
  • Oscilloscope display with fixed time axis scaling
  • Scrolling and stretching strip-chart display
  • Free navigation with zoom and measurement cursor

3-D Displays

  • Waterfall
  • Rainflow Matrix
  • 3-D Histogramm

Color map

Farbkarte mit ISO-Linien
  • Continuous or graduated colors
  • Isolines
  • Size corresponding or filling corresponding symbols

Protocol window

Messkurve zusammen mit zeitrichtigen Protokolldaten
  • Log book channels together in a diagram with measured data
  • Synchronized linkage between curve windows and tables
  • Event/ Log book

Bar meter

Balkendiagramm mit Schleppzeigern
  • Channel level indicator
  • Slave pointers
  • Color change at free defined limits

Presentation of values

  • Presentation of single values
  • Adjustable levels of precision
  • Presentation of averages