Trigger machine in imc DEVICES
  • Start and stop measurement manually or via trigger
  • 48 independent triggers possible
  • Any number of trigger cycles
  • Events combined in logical expressions of comples triggers
  • Post- and pre-triggers can be set


Manual input or integrated sensor management
  • Trigger on various events such as thresholds, ranges, slopes etc. 
  • Events may be combined in logical expressions of complex triggers 
  • Event-driven digital inputs and outputs

PC-less operations via display

Display imc DEVICES

Extracting signals, data and status information from field busses

  • Custom operating interfaces
  • Change trigger thresholds during a running measurement
  • Start and stop measurement
  • Set digital outputs



Reference inputs

Signalgenerator in imc DEVICES
  • Flexible signal generation
  • Graphics-oriented operation of the reference signal program
  • Output of synthetically generated or previously measured signal curves

Stand-alone operation, synchronization and messaging

  • Self-start capacity
  • Autostart / Diskstart
  • Synchronization by means of GPS or DCF 77
  • Place phone calls
  • Send SMS messages, fax or emails