Data storage

With varied storage options, imc systems ensure a particularly high level of data security and user flexibility in archiving.

Storage options

data storage options
  • Parallel storage possible on PC and device
  • Circular buffer memory configurable both in the device and on the PC
  • Data display without saving
  • Storage options on a per-channel basis

Data security

Vielfältige Speicherziele wie z.B. Netzlaufwerk
  • Saving to device hard drive
  • Saving to removable drive (e.g., PCMCIA, Compact Flash)
  • Saving to PC hard drive
  • No data loss upon power outage due to internal UPS

Administration of measured data

Ordnerbasierte Archivierung von Messdaten mit Zeitstempel und Metadaten
  • Measured data saved on a per-project basis
  • Measurement device configuration, data and comments stored together